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Thread: First time fishing in the park.....

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    Default First time fishing in the park.....

    Today I ventured out for my first trip into the park to fish and I had a blast. Parked up at the Chimney Tops and headed up to the second bridge and fished to the third bridge (I did skip around a bit, since I really wasn't sure where I was going). Hooked into a couple of brookies and missed about a thousand more. These were my first fish on a dry, so that right there is hard to beat. Couldn't of had a better day. Looking foward to moving farther up the trail. I did take some time to walk up the road prong trail split, but turned around before I hit another bridge. Just wondering how far up that particular trail before you hit another bridge? I didn't really see a way to get down to the water after the split. I probably just didnt walk far enough. I have 2 pics, but I'm not allowed to attach anything yet...sorry.

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    After the split to go up Road Prong trail, it's probably another 1/2 mile before you hit the fifth bridge. There is actually a passage way down to the water right before the first waterfall (and before the fifth bridge) but it's a little tough to find unless you know what you're looking for. Best bet is to jump in at the fourth bridge and fish upstream to the waterfall. You can then backtrack about 50 yards from the waterfall and can find that same little passage way up to the trail on the right facing upstream. This will allow you to bypass the waterfall and you can go back down to the stream through an easy, open access. A short ways up the stream from there, you'll run into the second waterfall and the fifth bridge is just above that in plain view looking above the falls.

    As far as posting pictures, look at the instructions from Paula at the top of the Photography forum - don't think there is additional permission required to get started posting pictures.

    Fish on.
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    Nothing like it!

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