The Little River, Cucumber Gap, and Jakes Creek trails form a popular 5-mile loop hike near the Elkmont Campground. However parking in the area is extremely limited and traffic congestion is common as hikers try to find space to pull off the narrow road to park. This project will allow for the construction of paved parking areas at the Little River trailhead, the Jakes Creek trailhead, and at the Appalachian Clubhouse.

The access from the campground entrance to the Little River Trail parking area will be resurfaced as well as the road beginning at the Little River trailhead and leading to the existing dirt parking area at the Jakes Creek trailhead. The one way exit loop road through Daisytown will also be resurfaced.

Access to the Little River and Jakes Creek Trails in the Elkmont area will be limited July 6 through August 31, 2010 as follows:

The Little River Trailhead Road beyond the junction with the Elkmont Campground Road will be closed to public use from July 6 through August 31, 2010. This includes the Elkmont Nature Trail and parking lot.

Little River Trail - Parking for day and overnight trail users will be available on an extremely limited basis at the walk-in camping area in B loop. Twelve parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. A marked route through the campground to the Little River Trail will be established and visitors/campers are advised to adhere to this route to avoid potential hazards from the ongoing road and parking area construction.

Jakes Creek Trail - No trail head parking will be available. Pedestrian access for campers in Elkmont Campground will be available via a designated route and provided to campers upon arrival and check in.

Day and over night trail users are encouraged to take advantage of the other 750 plus miles of trails in the park during this period of time to avoid these construction improvements and the limited availability of parking. Download a park trail map to view park trails.