I have been wanting to hike down Deep Creek Trail to 54 for a long time and finally decided to do it this weekend. I have to admit that I have long been fascinated by the reports I have read about the fishing on Deep Creek. I have been going to 23 and 24 on Little River for the past few years. I have to say that I was completely unaware of how much different Deep Creek is beginning with the trail itself. I am so sore today that I dont want to get off the couch. The hike out was brutal and only for those in really good physical condition!!! I will need to lose 20 or so more pounds before I try that hike again! I will also remember to go with a much lighter pack!

Other than the hike out it was a great trip! The fishing was fair, however, I spooked more fish than ever on this trip and need to work on my stealth a bit more. I saw quite few nice size fish go darting under rocks! I was also not prepared for the lack of entry spots to the river. It was difficult when fishing upstream and also looking for an "exit strategy". I caught quite a few small browns and rainbows, more browns than rainbows. There were surprisingly few people for it being a holiday weekend. I was also surprised at how much water was flowing compared to the little river.

I plan to hike in to 59 next. I assume that that hike is a little more forgiving to 38 year old out of shape fisherman!