My Dad and i fished out of our drift boat today at Jones Bridge Park. Started at about 10:00, and ended at 4:30. The fishing wasn't as good as it has been in the past few weeks. I'm assuming it is because of all of the bank fisherman keeping more than their limit. Saw quite a few fish rising today, but the only real hatch was the tube hatch which might have affected the fishing. Spent the day mostly trying out new patterns i made up as a dropper off of my favorite fly for the 'hooch. (insert name here) I'm glad i tested out flies because i found out a few of them didn't work out, but one of them was on FIRE . Overall an OK day. Between my dad and I we got about 30 with only one wild brown. Usually we get around 50-60 between the two of us. Who knows what the problem was.