As a new stream fisherman and someone who's new to this message board, let me first apologize if I placed this under the wrong heading. Secondly, let me introduce myself: I am a longtime fly fisherman, mainly ponds and lakes around the house in KY where I grew up. It's only been recently that I took up fly fishing on streams and I'm now admittedly "obsessed," as my wife likes to describe it. I've read Jim's book cover to cover and refer to it anytime I plan a trip to the mountains from my home in S.C.

My question: Is there any advice from others who have been stream fishing longer than I have who can give me pointers on taking a 4-year-old stream fishing? I would assume it's simply a matter of finding an accessible stream and fishing from the bank while he plays in the shallows, but what about wading? Is that even a possibility? Any help/pointers/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,