I've been fly-fishing in the smokies since 2005 on trips to visit my in-laws after my father in law got me hooked on it. We had the good fortune to be able to move here after I finished grad school in Feb 2009. I have been a daily lurker on this forum and the fishing reports ever since. While in Texas, I did some warmwater fishing with fellow grad schooler and forum member JayB, who really got me back into fishing in general.

Last year being my first year as a TN resident, i didn't get to do nearly as much fishing as I would have liked, it seemed that every day I planned to go, it would rain all day and the night the day before and the water would be too high! But up until this year, all of my fishing experience had been on the Little River, primarily Tremont with a couple of trips to the areas in and around Metcalf Bottoms, and a couple of trips to the section through town mixed in with an odd trip or two down to the Hiwassee. Now that I have gotten a lot more comfortable with my rods, I have started fishing smaller and tighter water, which I am still getting used to the tight conditions, but having a great time, - even if I do spend more time untangling my line than I would like. Anyway, I thought I would formally introduce myself, and would like to say that I have already learned a bunch from the rest of the members here in the past 18 months or some that I have been religiously reading absorbing as much information as I possible could!