I fished Jake's Creek above the Meigs Mountain trail on 07/02. Even though Elkmont was packed with people, there wasn't any other cars parked at the end of the road. I had gotten a later start than I had hoped to, and made the decision to to try it out once i got to the Elkmont turn off. I hit the water at 9:30, at which I realized that when I had rigged up my rod at home, I had tied on a #12 Parachute March Brown, instead of the yellow stimi which I had meant to. I didn't want to change flies just yet, so went ahead and started fishing the first pool I got to. First cast, caught this guy.

After that, the fishing turned off for a while, with the fish ignoring everything I threw at them as I cycled through my flies - mainly sticking to the yellow patterns until I went back to basics with a parachute adams. The first cast with this produced a swat followed by several rises and refusals. I switched the Female parachute adams, and I started getting strikes. I soon caught this pudgy fellow:

Which was later followed by this one:

Shortly after releasing him, I got a nice little tangle in leader. (still getting used to the tighter casting conditions) I had been fishing over a boulder into a plunge pool, and I sat down on a rock with my back to it, looking downstream and getting my line untangled. About the time I finished doing this, I heard some noise coming from upstream, my head was just barely above the boulder I was leaned against, and when I turned a looked, I saw a bear, probably in the 18mon-2 year age, running from the woods, full speed and into the creek not 10 yards upstream from me. Fortunately, when he reached the creek, he turned and ran upstream, never looked in my direction, still going full speed, splashing in and out of the creek as he went. I figured that would put the fishing down for a while. I barely had enough time to process what had just happened or contemplate WHY a bear would be charging full speed through the woods, since he obviously wasn't chasing anything, when I heard a much louder crunch in the woods and I saw the tops saplings shaking in the direction he had just come from, and some of which I could hear snapping and see get flattened, just before the angry, full grown bear came charging into the creek at full speed (again splashing into the creek about 10 yards ahead of me) and took off after him. I don't think either of them saw me, because I was pretty well concealed by the boulder I was behind. It was at this point I realized that I hadn't told my wife or anyone else where I was going to be fishing that day, because I had made the decision at the last minute. Since I didn't know where the bears were upstream or how far they had gone, and since it was getting warm (it was at about 12:00) I decided it would be best to call it a day.