on Sunday morning with the wives in tow... stay with me here.

My buddy and I are very fortunate to have wives that share our love of the outdoors. My wife has fished with me every once and a while for a couple years now and our amigos have just decided to get their fly fishing feet wet this year.

I came up with a plan and a stream that would allow us to fish all we wanted, providing no one beat us there, without falling all over each other.

Tied on a stimulator and bhpt for my first attempt. Noticed a few small trout taking notice of the dry but didn't see this guy scoping out the dropper.

Largest fish of the day and pretty nice for the water it came from.

Here is a time line of a nice little pool and a silly little rainbow.

Chef Grouseman changing up the menu.

Sophisticated Grouseman with the pinkie out.

At the end of the day everyone caught at least one and and one of us caught a few more than that. We had a great day and didn't see another fisherman. Hope everyone had a great weekend and if you weren't out fishing...we were.