A buddy and I headed up to Greenbriar for a couple of hours last week. We got in the water at the parking area for the Ramsay Cascades trailhead and fished up to where the creek forks. We only caught two little rainbows about 6 inches each, but had a good time (a bad day fishing is better than a good day doing anything else, in my opinion). I had to be at work by 3, so we didn't venture further up, since it seemed as if trail access was non-existent for a ways up the creek beyond the y in the creek. Beautiful water, though for sure. Those pools definitely look very fishy. In fact, I assumed we would catch more than we actually did, but considering I am a wet-behind-the-ear amateur and he has only 3 fly-fishing years under his belt, I am not totally shocked.

Anyways, my question is this: where the creek forks, does this eventually come back together or is this two different branches? If it is two different branches, which one leads to the cascades, or more importantly, the trail and where does the other go?

Thanks in advance. Also, thanks in advance for your patience with what will undoubtedly be many amateur questions from me.