Hmmm, That sort of sounds like a bunch of Orvis sponsored guys getting togather for a photo op!!

It's just a great bunch of friends, and soon to be friends, meeting up in Townsend the weekend of Oct. 8th, 9th, & 10th for some great fun. We are mostly from another Fly Fishing Board and try to get togather as often as possible in new places.

I fell in love with Townsend when there for the TroutFest, a not to be missed event, and have been back a couple of times.

At a recent Fish-In in Michigan I mentioned meeting up in Townsend. The response was "When!". Well at last count there are 22 of us booked into Dock's motel and Tally Ho.

Townsend offers much more than just fly fishing so most of the guys are bringing the wife along.

I only hope I can convince them to go home!!