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Thread: montana 7/27/10 - 8/08/10

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    Default montana 7/27/10 - 8/08/10

    this was my 5 time going my moms first.
    i am not sure where to post this but it is mostly mom and i went to to yellowstone to see sites and for me to fish. it was a great week the weather was ok the hottest it got was about 75 maybe 80 then itwas COLD night - mid 30`s. fishing got better as the week went on because it had rained 2 weeks straight before that so the madison was washed out all of those 2 weeks and just started to come down when we got there. the salmon flies came out in ennis so i went to ennis and i found nothing but full fish. after almost a week of being there the salmon flies moved up to the west fork cabins area which was 2 miles away from our cabin, the fishing was amazing each evening with the big flies coming offand the caddis the fish just lost thier minds. we went on a guide trip on the 1st and the trip was great but the fishing was nothing to brag about it was slow as it was for most of the days during the day. the place we stayed was 30 minutes from westyellowstone and the park and 30 the opposite way to ennis so we had a good location for my fishing and so i could show my mom the sites. they are nice cabins its called the driftwater resort it used to be named the howling mad moon resort but driftwater bought them last year. but beware that if you have at&t you will not have cellphone service.... my mom didnt like that at all. its a trip everyone should make once. here are some of the pics sorry for all the space they take.

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    Any photos of the time machine?

    Looks like a great time. I definitely need to make a trip out there someday.

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    Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing pics of your adventure with us.

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