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    Default 7-18-10 Road Prong Fish Fry

    Well I finally creeled, cleaned, and cooked my first GSMNP trout. I been looking forward to this since I took this sport up. Been catching a bunch of fish up there lately, but either don't have time to creel or forget my gear to creel when I do manage to catch legal fish. Today was the day though.

    I went up to Road Prong and fished with a Juror from my last jury duty obligation on 7-16 and we fished bridge 3 to 4. I caught a couple of small brookies and lost a bunch of flies to fish this day. They were hitting on yellow sallies and red copper johns for me this day. I had a good day, but wouldn't be able to get home this day in time to keep a fish from going bad. He taught me a few new things and I started fishing better as the day went on. I also had a good lesson with a friend on 7-17 that helped me get my cast a lot better, testing out a helios this day really made me see how I WANT that rod. LOL.

    So skip to today, I headed up there by myself. I started off at bridge 3 again and immediately started catching brookies using the same rig as two days before. The heavens opened up on me at some point and I got really soaked most of the day. I was just catch and releasing for the most of the trip because I knew I would be back there a few hours and didn't want a fish to go to waste. (How long can a fish last in a nonchilled creel, just water for cooling?) Once I started getting near bridge 4, I planned to start creeling. That's when I caught this booger.

    He was 8 inches and looked very edible. I creeled him and started looking for one of his brothers. Unfortunately, I kept getting ones too small. I made it to bridge 4 without a second fish for dinner.

    I was walking back to the trailhead when I decided to stop at bridges 1/2 and fish for a little bit to see if I could land me another fish for dinner. I switched to yellow para and tellico bh. Well it didn't take long and I landed this 9 inch bow. I got a few other small bows on, but nothing else legal.

    I would of kept fishing, but another storm rolled through and drenched me again and I decided to call it a day and go make some dinner.

    Here is one of em ready to eat.

    Soaked in egg/mustard/Tony's, rolled in corn meal, and brought to a nice golden brown in peanut oil.

    WOW, they were delicious. I'm ready for some more.

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