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Thread: Curious question about GSMNP Bears...

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    huh, didn't know a hog wouldn't eat cucumber. That's some good bar room trivia right there.

    I always wondered if the bear fished here, I got to see the grizzlies do it when I lived in Alaska and that was an awesome sight to witness.

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    The sow I came up on last year while fishing was busy turning stones in midstream up on Walker camp prong. The 2 cubs were rolling around splashing like human children would. I would guess she was looking salamanders, crawfish, snails, etc. until I disturbed her.
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    "fishing" I believe is a taught habit from mother to cubs. I doubt that the energy expended isn't worth the small amount of protein gained. Where there are thousands of fish in a single pool like in Salmon runs the energy expended is worth it. I have saw a bear on Chilhowee pass by a fish carcass (albeit was carp) to feed on wild cherries. A bear can lay in a single oak tree and burn almost zero calories "lapping" acorns. I know that a bear just can't pass up a yellow jacket nest.

    Deer, hogs, and bear love diesel fuel too. I guess it's the sulpfur in it. We once had a tractor parked in a field and the deer licked the paint to a shine but, only where the diesel had over flowed on it over the years.

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    i saw one on hazel creek...he his back leaned against a tree,,,,wearing bibs (Brer Bear embroidered on front) and a red shirt and straw hat...using a cane pole and bobber,,,,campbell soup can fulla worms and a stringer fulla trout and he was reading an old Ed Zern book....gotta love our bears
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