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Thread: Custer State Park, SD - Grace Cooliage Creek

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    Default Custer State Park, SD - Grace Cooliage Creek

    Made it back from my trip to SD & CO and I must say that the stopover in Custer State Park was fantastic. Not only great scenery, tons of wildlife viewing ops & movie film scenes (i.e. National Treasure - Book of Secrets) - but the fly fishing was also fantastic! I only had 1/2 day to sample Grace Cooliage Creek ... but in just 3 hours I caught over 40 fish, most of which were brookies. The stream sits at about 5000' but at first glance the small creek, dark in color with a small granular rock bottom would lead one to believe that a thriving population of brook trout would not exist there. But indeed they do - so if you are traveling out to Yellowstone via Missouri/Iowa on I-90 I highly suggest you consider stopping over in Custer State Park and stay @ Sylvan Lake Lodge or The State Game Lodge and try your luck! I would post some fish pics - but I am not sure how to do this on the blog.

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    Glad you enjoyed Custer State Park. It is a beautiful area, and it's interesting fishing with buffalo and bighorn sheep nearby. We stumbled upon the Grace Coolidge fishing area several years ago when visiting Custer, and, like you, really enjoyed the fishing and scenery.

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