Take a pill bottle and put cotton balls in it. Then put vaseline ontop of that. Add a medium size garbage bag and 2 lighters to a vaccum sealed bag. It takes up nearly zero space but, will save your life. My friend and I were hunting last year in the rain and I mean it poured. It was just warm enough to not really snow. I took out my fire starter kit and told my buddy to start breaking tiny twigs from under a standing fir tree. He laughed and said "your no boyscout". I all most didn't get the lighter lit because my hands were so wet. But, In no time flat we were feeding a roaring fire and I told my buddy I needed my merit badge. I was in your shoes once and couldn't get a fire started so I picked up this little tip and it's kept me warm many different times. You could have tried crossing in the dark and maybe even made it. But, why risk your life over one good nights sleep. You done the right thing.