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Thread: Book Recommendations

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    He does leave out some specifics that I have to come to this board for, but still a good starting point.

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    For my recent birthday I received some of the best gifts I have ever gotten for a birthday. My wife tried to order me Jim Casada's book and accidentally ordered me Jim Gasques book because it mentioned Jim's forward in the title. I cannot put this book down and have almost finished it! I plan to read it again and agian. The history and fishing combination are excellent and although I am not a hunter I still find that part interesting. Also I finally picked up a copy of the official map of the park (#229) and cant believe I have never bought one as it has all of the information I have ever wanted as far as trails, campgrounds and feeder streams. Everyone that frequents this board probably has one or at least should! I also got Ian Rutters book and find it to be a helpful handbook. Thanks to all of the reccomendations from everyone as I cant wait to build my library!

    Oh, and by the way, I have just ordered Jim Casada's book as well and am looking forward to reading it next!

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