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    Sold my Aire inflatable kayak last week, so I'm kind of in the market for either a hardshell fishing kayak or a v-hull or flat jon with at least a 48" beam. Lots of v-hulls on craigslist right now but my father is giving me his in a couple of years so I may wait on that. Anyone looking to sell a hard shell fishing kayak? maybe a tarpon 120 or ride 135.

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    I would go ahead and look at a semi-v to flat alum. boat on craigslist. Put the word out and you usually can find a nice set up with trailer and everything for under $500. The thing is; you can sell it just as easily as you bought it.
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    yep, Almost bought one the other night but decided to call my dad and borrow his. He's a lake crappie fisherman and the boat is not being used right now so I am taking it out this weekend. Should give me an idea of what I need for the rivers I fish most often.
    Still have my canoe and doing some mods to it also. adding front and rear anchor systems, replacing the old cane seats with webbing, and might add some rowing oars.

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