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    I am thinking about making a day-trip to this stream tomorrow, and I am looking for details. I am going to hike up the little river trail. Is fish camp prong served by another trail that converges with the little river trail, or will I get in the water off the little river trail? I guess what I am looking for is directions/advice and generally just what to expect.

    By looking at the trail map, although mine does not list fish camp prong, I am thinking I will walk up little river trail to where goshen prong trail, which seems to follow a creek (fish camp prong or, more logically, goshen prong?), forks off to the right before #24. It seems like this creek would be goshen prong, since it follows goshen prong trail, but according to the map, the next prong is rough creek at #24. Please tell me if I am wrong.

    Thanks in advance for the info, guys.

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    Greenie, this may help.

    2/15 Update: Deleted map image previously posted.

    Have a great trip.
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