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Thread: Newbie from the Lowcountry

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    Default Newbie from the Lowcountry


    been lurking for a while. Live down in the Low Country of South Carolina, 5 minutes from my nearest Redfish flat - I know its tough but someone has to do it.

    Love the mountains and spend upto 10 weeks a year chasing fresh water trout, ranging through NC, Ga and TN locally with annual trips out west usually to Colorado (the wife likes the shops - who I am to complain). Have been fortunate enough to get to NZ twice and will return in 2011 for another month.

    Discovered self guiding bonefishing this past winter and have to admit to being addicted to that now also.

    Bucket list includes learning to throw a two-hander, swinging for chrome in the north east and a trip to Argentina/Chile to chase big browns.

    Hope to be able to contribute on here from time to time.


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    Welcome, David. Wow! You will most definitely be able to contribute. I still have one remaining roundtrip ticket left from Delta Miles back in the day. It's gotten CO written all over it.

    “Joe” Fred Turner

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    DavidR--Welcome. If you've been lurking for a time you have a pretty good idea of what to expect here. As for contributions, in my view they come in various forms. Those include not only providing information but asking interesting, offbeat, or important questions. I know that for me personally, sometimes it is the questions which really start my mind to ticking and lead my thoughts in directions (or cause me to resurrect past experiences) that otherwise wouldn't have happened. Glad to have you aboard.
    Jim Casada

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