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Thread: Freedom hawk kayaks

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    I bought a NuCanoe and am real happy with it so far....... It is kind of like a mini drift boat rather than a pure kayak. It has an anchor system; hole out the rear with eyelets and a cleat system to secure the rope easily. I have test anchored it on the Holston in moving water, and it gently moved back and forth in the current on a 3.5 lb anchor. The anchor was a claw though, which I didn't like, too easy to hang. A friend made one for me out of a 2" piece of bar-stock [ 3.5 lb], haven't used it yet though, so can't say whether it will hold in current. Typically I will just stop it above or below riffles to fish them. It is very wide and stable, wt 59 lb. It sits pretty high above the water, so casting position is pretty good. Might stand in it in flat water, never in moving water. I'll post a picture later. [I think]. I bought it from Applachian Outfitters in Murphy, NC. They have the split pontoon outrigger boat as well.

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    Gary, here is a pic of the Jackson Coosa from Drew at the OR show (bottom boat):

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    looks pretty slick Blake, can't wait for the local dealer to get one in to demo.

    I like the look of the Nucanoe also. Having the option to row or put a trolling motor on it is also something to consider before a purchase.

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    We got Freedom Hawks for sale at Hiwassee Angler fly shop in Reliance, TN. We also got 3 demo boats for people to try out. I took one of the 12 footers out on the Tellico and Hiwassee Rivers and was very impressed. It paddled well and was very stable with the outriggers out. I actually stood up and shook it hard trying to turn it over and couldn't. It's a very stable platform to stand up and fly fish from.

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