I went into the park yesterday, August 8. My buddy and I stepped into the creek and made our first casts at 7 A.M. Our trip was worthwhile as we ended the day at 1 P.M. with a total of 21 fish being brought to hand between the two of us (19 specs and 2 bows). My second cast of the day into a small plunge pool rewarded me with my first "mountain trout." He is pictured first below. The second picture below was the best fish of the day, a 10 inch spec I landed in a deep plunge pool below some falls.

I do not want to disclose the stream name in this post, because I am sure this board has many visitors besides just the handful of us who post; and one of the biggest draws of this stream is the seclusion it provides without a long hike. However, the third pic below is a picture of one of the falls on this stream which will be familiar to those of you who have fished it. Further, you can email me at humanistvol@gmail.com, and I will tell you the stream name. I just do not want to "plaster" it all over the internet, and I also do not want to withhold info from a board of people who have provided me with good info.

I wish I had more pics, but I am in desperate need of a good water-proof camera that won't break the bank (any suggestions?). These were taken on my iPhone, which I have to unwrap from two ziploc bags before snapping pics.