Possessed is my screen name on most other forums, hence the title of the thread. Oldman and I set out early Friday afternoon for a backpacking, backcountry fishing and camping adventure. *We fished a true blue line, a bit of a hidden gem. *It has no official name per the map, so Oldman named it Baby Brook Trout Hatchery.

After a short hike in, we set up camp, rigged up, and were chasing brook trout. *We did not keep count, but we caught 25-30 brooks, with a few small rainbows mixed in. *We only fished for about 2 hours, as darkness was soon approaching. *So we headed back to camp and ate while sitting around the campfire telling fishing stories and other entertaining lies.

Saturday, we woke at sunrise, ate some oatmeal, and then took off to catch some fish. *Once again, we did not keep count, but I'd estimate we caught 50 or so. *Mostly brooks, but a few rainbows were caught also. *The fishing got really slow for a few hours, then we discovered we were fishing behind someone else, a big blue heron. *He took off when we yelled at him and the fishing soon got better.

After a long hard day of fishing, we headed back to camp. *We took a little break and told a few more lies, and discussed Sunday's strategy. *We finished the night with few beers, some tasty freeze dried meals, and some more lie telling while sitting around the campfire.

Sunday, we woke a little after day light, and headed up to the gorge to fish where few others would even dare to venture. *It was a tough day of rock climbing, bolder hopping, and bushwacking. *The rewards were well worth the blood loss, bruises, scratches, and knots we endured. *I took a pretty hard fall while stupidly trying to scale a waterfall. *I landed jaw first, knee second, almost knocking myself out. *We caught some beautiful brooks, most of which have probably never seen a human. *We fished hard and covered a mile and a half of stream, returning to camp by 245pm. *We took a little break, and headed off down stream, with very little success. *Not keeping count, but we caught around 55 brooks, no rainbows. *We caught a lot of brooks in excess of 7 inches, and even a few in the 8-10 inch range.

After returning to camp just before dark, I got sick. *We both knew what happened, I did not drink enough water and was dehydrated. *Not good, but I drank some water and ate just a few bites of dinner. *After a few hours, I felt much better. *Once again, we sat around the campfire telling fishing tales and other lies.

Monday, we awoke just after daylight and packed up camp. *I had a quick cup of coffee and we hiked back to the car and stashed our gear. *We headed off for one final attack on the local trout. *We caught about 25 in 3 hours. *Oldman picked up 2 very nice browns and I was able to get a 13 inch rainbow. After that, we headed back home.

As normal for this time of year, the water was low and the fish were super spooky. *Most fish were holding in the deeper runs and holes. *We caught them on a variety of dries, nymphs, and even green weenies.

We saw a few snakes and a few ground hogs. *The owls were intense, we had them hootin' and hollorin" all night every night, this combined with the katydids made for some interesting sleeping music. *We did see one other person that reported a bear about a 1/2 mile form camp, but we never saw one.

I had a great time and I am very thankful for all the information I gained from Oldman. *I have fished with him once before and he has taught me a lot about fly fishing. *He really helped me with my casting skills and although I am still no expert, my casting has greatly improved since Friday. *Oldman is hardcore and I struggled to keep up with him hiking and boulder hopping. *He definitely out fished me at least 3-1.

Okay, enough typing, he are some pics.

The mouth of the Baby Brook Trout Hatchery