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Thread: Where to find Specs?

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    Rog 1--I concur. I didn't mention Straight Fork or other easily accessible speck water on the NC side (Kanati Fork and Beech Flats Prong) because he indicated a preference for fishing in TN. Straight Fork is without question, in my mind, the single best place to catch a Grand Slam in the Park. I can't recall going there in recent years and not getting a Slam.
    Jim Casada

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    i was there the Monday to Tuesday of the last week of July and me and my friend had a bear come within 35 yards of us and he followed us all the way back to the slit at fish camp prong .8 miles so bring your bear spray if you go but we ended up staying at 24 and did awsome. we only fished for about 2 hours because the rest of the time it rained like i have never seen. it dropped 3 inches in about an hour and a half so bring your rain jacket.

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    Lee, here's a map snipit showing Road Prong. It joins Walker Camp Prong which flows in from the right. Orange is brook trout water, red is brook/rainbow mix per NPS Fisheries Management data.

    This is part of the printed Upper West Prong of LPR map that will be available in about a week.

    I can't think of a better gift for your brother. Hope you guys have good luck. Have fun regardless.

    “Joe” Fred Turner
    Formerly SmokyStreams

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