so im new to this fly fishing thing but i am HOOKED!!! have have had considerable luck on the clinch but with the generation as of late i have been spending some time in the Smokies and with the help of this forum i am on fish and enjoying myself quite a bit!

All that being said i dont seem to be having much problems getting on fish, the problem comes when they decide to hit my fly......lately i have been using size 16 and 14 dry flys and cant seem to set the hook. Im using my 9ft 5wt and think i might be just jerking it out of their mouth by lifting my rod tip too fast or much? should i pull the line or is it just more of a technique thing i haven't quite mastered (the most likely culprit) any help would be greatly appreciated as i plan on fishing as much as possible until school starts next week

here is my first GSM bow...was a blast