Yep, retail is 2350. I got mine from Appomatox River company for 2100 and no tax. They sell the regular model for around 900 I think, it's been awhile and they have several of every color in stock and they ship.
I agree that the Tegris will scratch etc. but I have yet to see one damage to the point of leaking. I looked at one that had been dragged across Oyster beds before I bought one and you won't have to google far to find people talking about how much tougher they are than a poly boat.
One guy on another forum was saying he would go through 5 poly boats to one tegris and now it's all he will buy for running rivers with sharp rocks. You will hear about the hull flex, it flexes outward some when you stand and press on the gunwhales but it will not "oil can" in the bottom on water. It will on dry land of course, but it's super stable on water. I've had a lot of various boats, several canoes, inflatable yaks, and I've never been as dedicated to one design as I have this tunnel hull U12. It's worth the investment in my opinion.