So last Sun. I decide that I was going to do a little bit of fishing. I'm definitely not a morning person so I ended up getting to the water at around 10:30. This was after stopping and picking up some flies at LRO and taking a scenic drive thru the park to Chimneys. As I arrived I headed down the trail which is maybe a couple of hundred yards away from the water. Not a big deal.....I have fished this area several times. After reading a post on here about bears and seeing some pictures I decided that this time down I was going to look for any signs of bears in the area. As I walked down I didn't notice anything unusual. I was now about 20 ft from the water and decided to head down where I usually do. So I get down and notice that this isn't where I usually start fishing. I must not have walked down the trail far enough, because I was to far upstream. So instead of starting their I decided that I would jump back up onto the trail and head downstream and get in where I usually start. So I'm heading up the hill and just about to step on the trail who do I almost run guessed it Mr./Mrs. Black Bear. I mean I was less than 10 ft from this guy or girl. (Lets remember I just moved here from this is only the 3rd time I have even seen a bear). Luckily I was to the side of the bear and it was already running down the trail......don't even think it seen me. However, it made for a shaky day of fishing.