Hello all. I have enjoyed visiting this message board and would like to thank those of you who take the time to share your experiences and knowledge with everyone.

I had meet a few fly fisherman on my fishing trip to the Smokies this past weekend, the first was at Elkmont. It was a younger man with an older Couple. We exchanged hellos and started talking about what we were using to entice the trout that warm sunny morning. After a few sentences I could tell that the man I was talking to had a passion for this sport. He talked of the trouts diet and of their vision. The thing I will never forget is what he told me when I asked him about fishing in the deeper water. I suggested that I was using nymphs to get closer to the fish, hoping they would not miss my offering. He proceeded to tell me that 90% of the trouts diet comes from under the surface but 100% of the action is on top, so its a matter of what your after, quantity or quality. Looking back I wonder if that gentleman was a guide sharing his knowledge of the magnificent streams with that older couple. If by chance he is reading this post I would like to thank him for sharing his passion of fly fishing with me.

The next gentleman I meet was on my way out from the Chimney Tops. I saw him coming out of the stream and asked how he did. I shared with him that I had caught my first Brook Trout that morning and told him I had been doing a little research hoping to succeed in my quest. He asked if I had ever been on the LRO forum. After a few seconds of deciphering the letters It hit me in amazement, I could not believe I ran into someone from this forum, which I had just started reading the day before. He proceeded to tell me his user name so I would like to extend a hello to Crockett, if you by chance see this. I hope our paths will cross again in the mountain streams.

The temperature was very high this past weekend but the cool streams soon diminished my sense of the heat and focused my attention on the next pool and how I was going to present my fly to the trout that await. I started my trip south of Elkmont and managed to catch a few Rainbows. The next morning I went to the Chimney Tops in pursuit of my first Brookie. After a short time of fishing with nymphs I switched to terrestrial and missed my first strike. The only thing I could see was a white fin and was almost certain I had missed the quarry I sought after. I walked across the rocks, peeking above the next rise hoping to find a pool with a long tail of rippling water to cover my approach. As I looked over the waters surface I started to cast to the edge of the ripples. As my fly started to return to me there was a rise in the water and I quickly raised my fly rod and that is where I caught my first Brook Trout.