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Kim--When it comes to "homework" on Tellico nymphs or anything else connected with fly flishing for trout, I'll simply share my favorite quotation from Horace Kephart. There's a lot about the man, and especially his book, Our Southern Highlanders, which frosts my grits (and I'll be speaking to that effect in an invitation-only Kephart symposium at the Univ. of Tennessee in November), but his Camping & Woodcraft is wonderful. In it he writes: "In the school of the outdoors there is no graduation day."
That certainly applies to fly fishing in the Smokies, and simply knowing there's always a new challenge, always something to learn, just adds to the appeal.
Jim Casada
Great quote Jim. I have been an avid outdoorsman for over 20 years and truly understand the Idea of never learning everything about the outdoors. The challenge and passion is what fuels my fire to learn more. Just received your book Saturday and enjoyed what little I have had a chance to read. I have read more of your posts; the forum is fortunate to have an active contributor such as yourself. Thanks for sharing.

Kim Razor