Hey guys and girls,

For those who have seen me and my posts, you know that I'm joining the Air Force. I'm 19 and will be 20 soon, and figured out in 2 semesters that college isn't my cup of tea... yet.

So for many months I've been researching and trying to get in shape, and now I've finally taken the steps to get this ball rolling. I tried for 2 weeks to get into the recruiter's office with no luck. It was always locked with nobody inside. My dad's friend is an ex Air Force recruiter and called a few people to get me scheduled for a meeting. He did some serious tongue lashing because I got an appointment scheduled in the next 2 days.

I had my first meeting with the recruiter on Tuesday (8/17). Since I already knew what to expect, the meeting was very easy on both the recruiter and me. My dad's friend called the recruiter's superior's SUPERIOR. I didn't know that. So the recruiter bumped me to the top of the list. For processing and shipping off to Basic, he said it would be 9-12 months. Since I was bumped, processing took 2 weeks and I'll be gone in 4-6 months.

He asked what I scored on the ASVAB, and I said I had only taken a pretest. So he sat me down and I took another pretest for him to see, and I got a 79, which will more than likely be a low-80s on the real test, which will qualify me for any job I want.

I decided that I wanted to be Security Forces (AF version of Army Military Police), and with my ASVAB score it will be a shoo in. I just know I want to be Law Enforcement, I think K9 Handler would be ideal.

In celebration of my first meeting, my dad took me to the gun range and rented an AR15 and let me run 60 rounds through it. Also shot his .40 cal H&K USP Compact and my family heirloom .22.

I went to my 2nd meeting today (8/19) and went over premedical documents. During the middle of the meeting, he gets a phone call that I kinda tuned out, but I heard a few swear words and a lot of excitement. He hangs up, gives me a funny look, and says "What are you doing Monday?" "Nothing, why?" "You want to go to a Titans game?"

You're kidding?! YES! All I've got to do is work the Air Force booth for 3 hours beforehand and watch the game after. I'm so excited!

ASVAB test on Tuesday (8/24).

The reason for this thread is because I enjoy your support, it motivates me and gives me strength. Nothing makes me glow more than hearing someone saying they're proud of me or thanking me for doing what others won't. It will also help me keep track of time, and when it comes time, I'd love to get letters from all of you when I'm at Basic.

Trey Nichols