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Thread: Deer Hunters on the board

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    icspecs--It's only money, although there's always been so little of it in my family Grandpa Joe insisted on calling it "cash money" (and the redundancy was deserved). Actually, I have a lifetime sportsman's license for both N. C. and S. C., so that's not a factor, and I'm in the fine position of being able to claim any and all sport-related expenses as tax deductions. Beyond that, I'm something of a minimalist when it comes to equipment (what works for deer works for turkeys works for trout in terms of attire), and I've got enough "stuff" to last several lifetimes. Add doing my own butchering (I have a processing machine for burger, cube steak, sausage, etc.) and my costs are pretty minimal. However, I do know that for others that's not necessarily the case.
    Jim Casada

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    Is she toilet trained and does she have a tv?
    That's a negative on toilet trained question based on the latest web cam shot.

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