Im taking my boys, ages 7, 5 and 3 backpacking this weekend, and have 4 spots in mind, but cant decide what would be best. Any suggestions? Here is what Im thinking so far.

1. Twentymile creek - site 93 - 1.8 miles of hiking on an easy grade. Should be relatively isolated, and the trail follows the creek which should make for easy access for fishing (cant go rock hopping up the creeks with a 3 year old!).

2. Pretty Hollow - site 39 - dont know much about, downside is its a horse camp, upside previous reports say they are specks in those waters! Looks to be only about 2 miles to the campsite.

3.Big Hemlock - site 40 - again good short hike, I dont know much about the area. Its not a horsecamp! Are there specks here or no?

4.West Prong - site 18- little further than I want to travel at 2.7 miles, and as far as I can tell, its reasonably busy, which I would rather not be around people. Lots of aggresive little rainbows for the kids to try to catch though. Trail only crosses the stream, so access may be limited due to kids.

Im looking for a 1.5 to 2.5 mile hike, easy grade, access to water for fishing, swimming, salamander hunting. Preferably an area NOT known for bears, and IS known for solitude (I would feel bad if the youngest woke up crying in the middle of the night and disturbed someone camping nearby.) Right now Im leaning toward Twentymile/93.
Plan to head out Saturday morning stay till Sunday evening.
Wherever it is we end up going, Ill be sure to post a trip report, hopefully including some pictures of fish!