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Thread: Taking the boys backpacking...where to go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
    There's another campsite upstream (roughly two miles) on Pretty Hollow which is a lovely place--no horse campsite is lovely, IMO.
    Is this a maintained backcountry site, a former backcountry site not on the new maps, or more of a clearing suited for off the grid camping? The thought appeals to me, because I have wanted to go to this area, but really didn't want to camp at a horse site. Would it be in the area of where Cooks Creek empties into Pretty Hollow Creek?

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    NDuncan--It is campsite 39, Pretty Hollow, and I was wrong in an earlier post saying it wasn't a horse campground. Like you, I detest horses in camp. However, this is a sprawling site with a sort of separate area for horses, and I don't think it gets much horses traffic thanks to the drive-to horse camp less than two miles away. I was there last fall and found it lovely, and we caught plenty of specks as well as enjoying a taste of October in the Smokies (a skiff of snow followed by two perfect days).
    Jim Casada

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    #39 is a nice site. I've stayed there in April and in June. There are several sites, some close to the trail and some on back away and hardly visible from the trail.

    Very close to the stream. The site is on Pretty Hollow, and Palmer is down trail about a half mile or so. The horse camp is up trail a 100 yards or so.

    Good fishing right at camp and even better if you do some walking.

    Be aware that #39 is currently on the bear warning list, not sure if that matters to you or not.
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