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Thread: Recommend stream while in G'burg next week?

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    Default Recommend stream while in G'burg next week?

    Going to be in Gatlinburg next week for a few days with the family. We are staying at a condo on Roaring Fork. Looking for suggestions for a good spot to fish if I manage to slip off early one morning. I've only just messed around in Roaring Fork back when I was a kid. The condo is just as the Roaring Fork Loop comes back out of the park. So, from Gatlinburg, what's the closest best bet? How's Greenbriar been fishing? Should I just walk up Roaring Fork from the condo? Drive up WPLP? Mainly been fishing over around Townsend my last few visits as that is more my speed, but hard to pass up a free condo stay from my folks. Any input appreciated.

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    Greenbriar or the WPLP are good bets close to G-Burg. I would advise going higher up on either stream this time of year, around the Chimneys picnic area or higher on WPLP. There is some good water just below the picnic area that doesn't get fished that often, try the last couple pull offs before the picnic area or head up to Road Prong if you want some specs.

    As far as Greenbriar, I would go above the Ramsey Cascades trailhead and fish, although if you go in too far, you'll be in the Gorge section and it takes most of the day to fish until you reach where Ramsey enters the Greenbriar.


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