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Thread: Flingin' Flies, Some Nostalgia and Soul Searching (pic heavy)

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    Default Flingin' Flies, Some Nostalgia and Soul Searching (pic heavy)

    After frothing the criks with a buddy this past weekend, I returned to the hills yesterday for a 2 day/1 night trip. *Since I had several streams I planned to fish, I decided to car camp. *I have never done this before, I have always backpacked. *After stopping at the local fly shop to pick up a pair of them fancy quick drying pants, I set off to set up camp.

    I was soon on my way to hit the stream. *I decided to go back to my roots a bit. *I wanted to fish a stream I had not fished in almost a year. *The stream has a bit of sentimental meaning since itís the stream where I caught my first wild brook trout. * *I arrived to find a trickle of water and a very overgrown and hard to fish stream. *I only fished for about 30 minutes and hooked up with these 2 fellows and decided to call it quits.

    I thought the trail was about 50 yards away, so I crawled up a steep ridge only to find no trail and an almost impossible pile of downed trees. *I started back down the ridge, lost my footing, and fell. *I instinctively threw my rod to the side. *I know that I tumbled head over heels 3 or 4 times and was gaining momentum when I was able to grab onto some rodo and stop my slide. *I took a moment to absorb what had happened. *I knew I was not hurt but I looked up to see my rod rammed up to the reel in a big pile of dead brush. *My rod was bent as if it had a 15 inch brown on the other end. *I crawled up to it, about 20 yards I had tumbled, I slowly and carefully pulled my rod out and to my amazement, it was fine. *I had managed to not break myself or my rod.

    I knew then, I had to get the heck out that place quickly. *With my tail tucked between my legs, I waded downstream until I found an easier access point to the trail. *I got back to the Jeep and drove to the other side of the mountain. *I got cocky and those mountains humbled me real quick, knocking me off my high horse.

    I figured I had used up all of my luck for the day, so I decided to play it safe and fish a roadside stream. *I have fished the stream before, but I decided to fish a new section. *The water was beautiful and I could wait to get started. *I fished hard for about 45 minutes with only a few strikes and refusals. *I stopped to think what could be the problem. *Could it be the green weenie? *Has it run itís course? *I have been using it for about a month and it has landed me well into triple digits of trout, but I cut it off my tippet. *I decided to go back to the basics, I tied on a #16 basic dry and a #18 basic nymph. *Quickly, I was into a few of these.

    For about 45 minutes, I *was catching a fish every few casts and just as quickly as it started, it stopped. *I fished on for a while and then decided to go elsewhere.

    I drove back towards camp, bot really knowing where I was going to fish next. *I decided to once again go back to my roots and fish the stream where I caught my first wild trout. *I found a promising looking stretch that I had never fished before. *I was catching a bunch of these little punks right off the bat. Greedy little suckers.

    Finally, something happened to put a smile on my face. *I hooked up with this decent rainbow. *He fought very hard for his size. *After making several runs up and down the run I hooked him in, he made one last run downstream, jumped a large rock and went into a downstream hole. *I was able to get him to hand shortly after that. *I snapped a quick pic and put him back in the water to revive a bit as he fought hard and I knew he needed a bit of rest.

    While he was resting, I could not resist taking another pic. *Does this dude look mad or what?

    I fished on for a bit and decided to call it a day. *I headed back to camp to cook a little something for supper.

    After dinner, I sat around the campfire. *Being all alone, I was left only with my thoughts. *As I stared at the flickering flames, I began to reminisce about the fires I have shared with some of the fine folks I have met here and on some other fly forums. *Fond memories of good times, good friends, and good conversations. *May there be many more.

    This morning I packed up camp and headed to fish some new water. *I have fished the stream but never the lower section. *I was not impressed, I think the bait chunkers have depleted all the natives. *I fished for a short time and left.

    I headed to a GSMNP stream. *This was one of the streams I fished on my very first solo backpacking trip. *The fishing was tough. *I picked up a few of these snot nosed brats and few comparable sized rainbow. *I was getting a bit frustrated because I know this stream holds fish and there are some big ones in there.

    Things got better when I introduced myself to this fine young gentleman, he was colorful character, full of life. *He put up a good fight for his size and I respect him for that. *I released him quickly and made sure he was okay before letting me free.

    Wild troutin, blue linin, fly flingin, camo wearin, redneckin elitist.

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    I decided to call it a day shortly after that. *I hiked out, taking in the scenery and enjoying the local wildlife.

    It was a fun trip, although the numbers of fish caught was fair at best.
    Wild troutin, blue linin, fly flingin, camo wearin, redneckin elitist.

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    Thanks for sharing the photos, and the commentary. Looks like you had a great time over the two days. Yes, fishing is tough right now, with low water, and wary trout.

    Thanks again.


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    ifish4wildtrout--Nice report, and you shouldn't be too disappointed in the tough going in Cataloochee (or whichever feeder thereof you were fishing). It has been my experience, over the years, that this particular drainage tends to be especially difficult in the fall, and right now things are fairly tough all over (at least on the N. C. side).
    Jim Casada

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    Thumbs up

    That looks like a fun experience and I am glad you took the time to share the pictures and story on the forum. It is kind of like I was able to experience a little bit of your trip too
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