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    "don't mistake reality tv with reality". Quite possible the best statement I have heard on the board in a great while. All of those shows are fake. Bear Grills, the other guy that got busted for being illigit, and the show we are discussing, all fake, all staged, all filmed with a crew.. After they ate their bear popcorn, they ate their real meal prepared by someone off set. Do not look to tv to learn survival skills, get a good book. I think some have already been mentioned that are good. There is also a huge book called "How to Stay Alive in the Woods", that encompassed everything you could possible want to know about wilderness survival. It has amazing pictures, great descriptions, and is pertainable to any area in North America at any time of the year. A glance through such a book will teach you more in 5 minutes than you might squeeze out of an entire season of a "survival show" on tv..

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    Default Kephart

    I recently found Kephart's Camping and Woodcraft in a used bookstore and have been reading it every night....even for this country boy raised in the old ways,I'm impressed he actually knew his stuff,like a lot of the oldtimers who taught me.
    I remember his words on drinking from spring branches,and the idea that I've often heard in the years which I never believed,that water purifies itself running over rocks and gravel,and which he also said wasn't true...the statement he made about every cabin in the mountains being built next to a spring branch and in that cabin could be a case of dysentery or typhiod should stop anyone from drinking from a branch in the country without going to the source...the "living rock" as he put it.
    Somebody who is sick and suffering from drinking contaminated water will never do it again....I speak from experience,and still cringe thinking about the rotten dead dog in the branch upstream from my drinking spot.

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    Good stuff!
    I think someone has their bombers mixed up though.
    It was Rudolph from the Olympic Park and bombed abortion clinics that they found in NC. The unabomber was up in the woods in Michigan or somewhere.

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