I have not been fishing lately, it has been a rough 3 weeks or so with some difficult challenges for my family an I. On Saturday I went out with my friend Martin to a spot he found. I really needed a chance to decompress a little. The tide was marginal, at only a 7.3, but I ended up seeing two fish working in about 4 inches of water right along the river....made a few casts, and spooked one that swam right up to me before I could get out of the way.

I ended up casting to the other fish, and got him on a crab pattern. Nice 27.5 inch fish and a fun fight starting in about 4 inches of water....lots of splashing.

I ended up hooking one other fish that came off, and seeing and having shots at several others. I think I spooked 3 fish trying to get the fly down into the grass that was a little taller.....up over the leaf and drop right on the fishes head after casting to it a half dozen times. Still a great day, and thanks to my friend Martin for taking me out. I needed it.

Here is a pic that I hadn't posted yet...gotta love them tailers.