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Thread: Fish size in GSMNP

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    I don't think there ever was a restriction on size on the Little River....when I first began fishing 50 years ago the WPLP was designated a Sportsman Stream....could only keep fish there that were 16" or larger....everything else went back in....this made for some unbelieveable fishing numbers....when this designation was dropped it reverted back to the same size and number limits as all the other streams in the Park....the only fish stocked in the park were rainbows....the browns have come in from outside...

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    Rog 1--Almost all the browns came from outside the Park--just making their way up the watershed, but there was one stocking of browns in Luftee.

    The situation you describe on WPLP sounds exactly like the one on Bradley Fork. It was catch and release unless you caught a fish over 16 inches. Then you could keep it.
    Jim Casada

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