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All - After spending an uneventful afternoon in the park yesterday, this morning I called the Director of our local 911 call center to ask him how they would prefer that this be handled. He said that you should go ahead and call 911 (which will connect you to your local dispatch center), provide them with as much information as you can (who they're looking for, where they went, what kind of vehicle they were driving, vehicle's tag #, etc.), and they would in turn forward the information to the appropriate agency at the other location. The local authorities would then act as the liaison between the family and the searchers in case additional information is needed.

So there you have it. I guess your local 911 call center is better connected than I was giving them credit for.
Official isn't always better. Unofficial, your buddies get you that night. Official - Your search gets out at first light. If I hiked in in a day I would think my buddies would chase after me.

Think of all that money and time being spent by multiple agencies
I know we each have to make our own calls of when to call in the Big Boys - but say you sprained an ancle or even broke a leg. I would rather hobble out 8 hours late (well by that time buddies should be on the way) than to have a huge rescue and be the latest news story

Just my 2 cents - All if your on the TN side have your wife call me first. I would rather lose a night and have a good story then hear about your big rescue.

Knothead - Did you leave any info when you spent your unexpected night out? Obviously this is an example where a rescue would have been silly, and common sense prevailed in the end.

Just my 2 cents