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Well, I've been working on the boat/trailer over the past week or so. I finished up the trailer on Saturday. I cleaned out the hubs, replaced the bearings and grease and bought new wheels and tires. I also removed the old bunks, cleaned and repainted the trailer, installed new bunks and carpet and added new LED lights and wiring harness. put a new safety chain also. The trailer is in good shape for several years now.

I put the boat back on the trailer and cleaned the inside and outside did a water leak test and only found a couple of leaks on the hull. easily fixed with some 3M 5200. I removed all the wood seats and the entire middle back bench to open up the floor.

Next step is the paint the interior and add some non-slip grip to the floor. replace the seats with new wood. thinking about urethane to show the woodgrain on the benches.
The outside of the boat will be painted after that. thinking I may go with a grey bottom and dark green or navy blue sides above the waterline. gonna flip it onto saw horses and get the bottom fully prepped before I do that.

Looking for a 15-20 hp outboard, 1990s or newer if anyone has one for sale. Bought a MK 50lb thrust trolling motor to use for now.
Looking good! Great Progress! The boat looks very sound already...