I've been coming to the Smokies for the last four years and fishing in the park. Now I fish the Rockies and Ouachita's yearly for trout but I must say the Smokies are a bit different. The last week in Sept., however, was some of the best fishing I have had in the GSMNP.
I spent 10 days and wasn't skunked any day. The best day was Tuesday (Sept. 28. Most of you will remember a big rain on Monday and after the water cleared, I went out and just stopped on the Little River near the Elkmont area. In about a couple of hours I caught and released six rainbows in the 7-8" range and two 10" browns. All of them were in the faster water behind rocks on a #16 parachute Adams. I did have to cast several times in the same pocket to get them up. I really was surprised they came up after the rain the day before. I figured they would be feeding on the bottom, however, I noticed a good hatch coming off.
I love reading the posts here and appreciate all the info about fishing in the Smokies.