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Thread: Lost Simms Wading Boot

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    Red face Lost Simms Wading Boot


    It would appear that in my haste to get home to my loving wife and darling children yesterday evening I left one of my wading boots at the pull out along Little River. I had parked a mile above the second bridge in between Metcalf Bottoms and the road to Elkmont (probably about a mile and a half below the road to Elkmont). Simms aqua-stealth maybe rivershed (older) versions. If anyone is up there today and spots it I would greatly appreciate it if you could grab it.


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    Default Right were I left it...

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    Might want to file a report with the park, if you haven't already. They will keep it on file for 90 days, tourists are pretty good about turning lost items in. Well, with an old wet wading boot anyways, not so much with cameras.... lost mine last wknd up there.

    Good luck

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