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Thread: Short hike to back country campsite suggestions?

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    Default Short hike to back country campsite suggestions?

    I have had a lot of fun over the years hiking into the backcountry, setting up a campsite, and fishing all weekend. However, I am finding myself in a litle bit of a rut and would appreciate suggestions for backcountry "streamside" campsites that require no more than a 3-4 mile hike. Ideally, the shorter hike the better, as I am the type who likes to get away from the hustle and bustle of the car camp sites and the daytripper fishing pressure, but I am also lazy. :-) Plus, I would prefer to spend more time fishing than hiking.

    I have camped at 24, 37, 50, and 85. Also did 53 once, but never again -- the return hike up almost killed me! :-)

    Folks, help me out and give me some ideas that I can use for future trips! I look forward to any and all suggestions!


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    #47 is probably the prettiest site I've ever been to. Very out of the way. Hike in from Straight Fork Rd on the Hyatt Ridge Trail
    #18 is a nice site right on the stream and a very easy hike
    I also liked #41 but its a tad farther out than you want to go.

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    The new site up above Elkmont at the Huskey Gap trailhead is only 2.5 is not on the water but is close to some great fishing both up and down stream from the "high bridge"

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    Hexhatch--Both of the lower campsites on Noland are a piece of cake. The one at the lake isn't very appealing from an aesthetic standpoint, but it sure is an easy walk from the parking lot at the viaduct. The one upstream of the viaduct (Bearpen Branch) is just a mile or so of easy walking and, being 100-150 yards from the trail, is nicely secluded. On Deep Creek, the lowermost site, Bumgardner Branch, is under three miles and mostly is very easy walking. Round Bottom on Straight Fork is right along the creek and road, but it's a horse camp. The first campsite on Pretty Hollow Creek is also an easy walk. The same is true of the first one on Twentymile Creek.
    Another alternative, although not for this time of year (hunting season) is the nice campsites right along the road on Big Snowbird Creek. This isn't in the Park but is fine fishing.
    Jim Casada

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