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Thread: Hiking from 53 to US441

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    Default Hiking from 53 to US441

    Hello all,
    I'm finally going to get a long weekend down in the Smokies this year. I may be hiking solo if my friend can't get off work. I'm kicking around the idea of staying at campsite 53 and 54 on Deep Creek. I've never hiked in off of 441 so I don't know how bad it is. I've heard it is pretty bad though. If any one has any other ideas for my trip this weekend I would love to hear them. I'm not against any hike in under 5 miles. I was also thinking about Bradley fork or Cataloochee but I want to be able to catch a few that will be able to make it to dinner with me one night.
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    Indianfly--The hike into Poke Patch (the uppermost campsite on Deep Creek) is almost exactly four miles. Coming back out the last mile or so is a tough haul. A better approach might be to camp at the lowest campsite on the stream, Bumgardner Branch, and hike in from the lower trailhead just above the frontcountry campground on Deep Creek. This is roughly a three-mile hike and all but a bit of it at the end is very easy going. There's lots more detail on Deep Creek in my book.
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    I'll be staying with two others anglers at 58(Nick's Nest) or 59(McCracken) on Saturday and Sunday nights - should be about a 5 1/2 mile hike or so from the lower trailhead. They have listed capacities of 6 and 10, so there should be plenty of room.

    I'm an amateur, my father-in-law is a neophyte, an my brother-in-law hopes to learn something about fly fishing from us (not likely!). We'll be spooking the fish and smoking cigars; if that doesn't bother you feel free to join us..

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    Thanks Jim for the info. I've been meaning to buy your book for a while.

    Matt thanks for the offer to join. I just switched from cigars to a pipe. If I do end up going to Deep Creek I will have to come down and join you guys for night around the camp fire.

    I have a feeling that my mind won't be made up until I get to the park. I would like to explore Cataloochee more then I did last year (drove in to check out the Elk with the wife). I also thought about going to twenty mile ranger station and hike into 95. I hiked to Gregory Bald loop about 8 to 10 years ago and I didn't have my fly rod then but I've always wanted to give it a try. I just don't know.
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    When i was in the park last week on the NC side the water was very clear and low. The highest altitudes might look at little "skinny".

    Might be worth checking into with some others and consider some of the lower campsites.

    Just food for thought

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