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Thread: "Large" Brookies

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    Hey guys -

    I didn't mean the 3,000 foot figure literally necessarily; it's just a shorthand way of saying 'up high.'

    I would agree that brook trout are expanding their range. When you consider that all of the Smokies and most of the other forests in this region were basically clear cut by the 1920s, and then think about how slow trees grow (and really how immature even the trees in the Park are to this day), it stands to reason that as the forest returns so will the trout.

    Barring any big political changes I think the Smokies will have returned to a primeval state some time by around 2200. I really hope my great grandchildren get to experience brook trout fishing like there once was. I also really appreciate the NPS for furthering that goal.


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    Didn't have a tape measure but this brookie, caught in Walker Camp Prong, was about 10". It reached from the end of my cork handle to the rod butt (which actually measures 10 1/2").
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    deleted post and pictures
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    Holy Cow, guys!

    All of those are some fantastic looking brookies. You just don't see too many like those.



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    Nice! That's the kind of stuff I thought I might see if I posted this.


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    I wish I had a better photo, but somehow this little pic is all I have to remember this 2008 fish by....

    This guy was not in GA, but NC and at an elevation of around 4500 ft. ( "acid rain" or not)

    I didn't measure him at the time, because I wanted to get him back in the creek ASAP. He is somewhere between 12 and 13 inches though, by doing a little "mythbuster" figuring using the hat brim as a gauge and projecting it's length to the fish, compensating for the fish's tail not being pushed together. In the photograph, he doesn't really look that large, but I have "bear paw" hands as my wife says and I'm not a *cough, cough skinny She took the picture and we both agreed at the time it was over a foot long.

    As for brook trout in GA, maybe you're friends at UGA should test a few more streams...8 inchers are certainly above average for most streams but far from the biggest natives swimming in GA water. If you're willing to share the info on the "other" creek that's supposedly "known" for big brook trout, please PM me. I've never heard anyone in GA trout circles talking about a stream that was known specifically for big brook trout. There are probably a half-dozen that produce larger than normal brookies, but as far as I know (or have ever heard) there is no "super-stream" for these little guys in GA. ( Maybe I'm just out of the big brookie loop!? )
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    Owl -

    Sorry man, I won't name the stream.


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    Let's see some more Brookies pics. This post is just getting good.

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    In 1995 I caught an 11.5" brookie from a Tellico area stream. That is my largest to date. I did see a legitimate 13" brook on CNF stream in upper East TN that we sampled back in the late 90s.

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    I caught these two SABT in 2009, from two different streams - both on the TN side of the park. If you want to talk about the northern strain, I've caught 100s larger than these two.

    Also, some people on here must have REALLY big hands! My hand is 8" from the tip of my middle finger to my watch band.


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