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Thread: Clinch anyone?

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    Default Clinch anyone?

    Haven't been on the Clinch for awhile --- got the golfing bug. Anyone fished it lately and how have you done?

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    floated saturday PO to 61 fish well largest was a bow 18 saw 1 other boat all day.

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    A report from today.

    Got to the water today at around 8:30, and the temp was about 37 degrees. Ran into another regular in the parking lot a chatted for awhile before hitting the water. From 9:00 till 12:00 only got one strike, and it was a small bow of about 7" that got off when I went to land it. However, at 12:00 it was like somebody flipped a switch. I either had a strike or landed a fish on about every other cast for the next 30 minutes. The largest was a 14" bow followed by a 12" brookie. However, the vast majority of the fish I caught today were bows in the 4 - 6" range and very colorful. Things definitely are a little strange on the river the past couple times I have gone. The quality fish I have been catching all year seem to have disappeared. Could be that I am fishing in the early morning, but my work schedule and the generation schedule never seem to work out for an afternoon trip. I may need to do something about that soon, and take a vacation day..... We only saw one other person all day long, very nice day to be on the water.

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