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    I have the day off tomorrow and have decided to head to the mountains to do some fishing, especially after reading byron's fishing report . I can't imagine a 30 inch mountain brown. I would probably faint if I ever hooked into a fish like that. Anyways...the point of this thread was for a suggestion on where to fish tomorrow. The past two times I have gone (within the last month) have been around metcalf. I was hoping for some suggestions on where to go. Should I stick to metcalf or try my luck up above elkmont or go somewhere else. Also, I don't post on the board to often but read everyday. I can consistently catch fish on the tailwaters but am lucky to catch one or two on a mountain trip. I am aware that mountain technique is alot different, such as staying hidden/getting a drag free drift/staying out of the water as much as possible/ little to no line in water while drifting/etc... However, while practicing these techniques I still can't seem to catch more than one or two fish per trip. If I am leaving out any critical pointers please let me know. So the two questoins are, where to fish tomorrow and how to catch fish. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    To address question #1 the park seems to be fishing nicely everywhere that I have heard and you should be able to catch some fish mostly everywhere, its that wonderful time of the year. The biggest factor is making sure you are fishing fresh water that hasn't been fished right before you cast a line. Just find a stretch of water that looks good, make good presentations and be stealthy and reel em' in....i wish it was that simple haha. Also the fishing reports advice about nymphing early and dry flies in the evening seemed to be very helpful for me on my last outing. Good luck to ya brother.
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    go to greenbriar....go to ramsey cascades parking lot and fish ur way up....i was wackin em today with a size 14 and 16 stimulator (color didnt seem to matter much,,,,black, yellow, orange, red)
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