Well, I finally made it back here to fish (gotta do it more often).

I fished a few spots along the road between Elkmont and Townsend yesterday.

I only caught one fish, but it was my biggest park rainbow- about 13".

Today I decided to go for some stockers in the little river in Townsend. I caught 5 fish in the first half hour I was there on a #14 bhpt. After I lost that one to a really nice tree, I caught a couple of more on a #16 since that was of course the only #14 I had... I tried other nymphs and they didn't want them. Also didn't even get a hit on the dry I was dropping off of which surprised me. (I tried Adams, hopper, orange elk hair caddis, orange stimulator, and yellow stimulator).

Of course due to the laws of fishing, I left the camera sitting in the truck both days and the creel sitting back at the cabin today, so I've got nothing to show for it.

I may head out to Greenbriar tomorrow and see how things are going out there. I usually do pretty well out there. Any other suggestions?