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Thread: Hazel Creek Bear Incident?

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    I had a wildlife officer several years ago tell me that if I shot a bear out of season while bowhunting ( I was having a young bear around my stand site regularly and he was getting a tad too curious and brave with me in the tree), that I'd better have claw marks on me to prove I shot it in self defense.
    The reason for this is to prevent anyone from shooting a bear or any wild animal and claiming self-defense. Personally, I am more concerned about people than animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knothead View Post
    Are the Taurus and S & W guns the .44 Special or .44 magnum? Big difference in the two, from my experience. They are identical in dimensions expect the magnum is longer so it can't be used in the Special; same with the .38 Special and .357 magnum.
    Taking all things into consideration, it is remarkable that with all the bears in the park (abound 1,500) and the couple of million people who visit the park each year that there aren't any more confrontations. I'm more worried about the people than the bears.
    You can shoot 44spl out of any 44mag but not the other way around. Also, you can shoot 38spl out of any 357mag but again, not the other way around.

    All things being equal, I would recommend the mag versions because they are more versitle. You can shoot the lower priced and lower recoil special ammo for range practice and use the more powerful and pricy mag ammo for deense loads or hunting.

    Just beware, out past a few feet, the points of impact are different. In a typical short barrel revolver, the mag tends to hit a little lower than the spcl out to about 20 yards or so. I think it has to do with the projectile leaving the barrel faster and the barrel not starting to rise on recoil as fast. Not sure ofthe physics behind that but it's been my experience with at least 15 different firearms and many thousands of rounds when shooting spcl vs. mag ammo.

    At hunting ranges, the faster projectile will drop less and it is usually a better choice. For defense, it's a personal call. The more powerful mag rounds can overpenetrate.

    Again, my prayer and hope is this is all an academic discussion and that NONE of us will ever be called upon to use a fireamr for self defense be it with an animal or a person.


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