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Thread: A week on the Soho....

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    Default A week on the Soho....

    Spent most of last week fishing the South Holston. The weather was great and the fishing was good. Probably the best fishing I've had there since I started fishing the river. The river had some people on it, but it wasn't bad. The sulphurs came off good most days and even some bwo's early. I had numerous rainbows and browns up to sixteen inches. On one of the better days, I watched in amazement of just how suttle the rises could be,even the smaller fish. You really had to look for some of the rises. I spotted several good browns feeding but managed to put them down. You can't catch them all. Looking foward to the next trip up.


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    Nice! I have noticed that about those finicky risers. I found that I had to drop an emerger pattern right on top of them and they would take.
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    We may be taking a mid november weekend soho trip. How long are the closed spawning sections?

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    Not sure how long that closure last. There is still some good stretches of water that will be open. It may be February before I get back unless the weather stays warm through the winter. I'll hunt till the end of January, weather depending...need some cold.


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