Made my 6th fly fishing trip into the Park today since 1st picking up a fly rod this spring and finally got rid of my skunk. Granted, he kind of choked to death on a peanut and a little bit of shell, but he's gone none the less.

I'd had some luck and caught a good number of nice sized rainbows and browns on the South Holston a couple of weeks ago and I just had a feeling that it was time to try the Smokies one more time. This time, after getting a late start, I decided to hike up Thunderhead Prong and find where Sam's Creek comes into it in case I ever want to take my son Sam out that way. About halfway up to Sam's Creek I couldn't wait any more. I started with a Prince nymph I had tied but didn't get any action on it, so I switched to a dry. Tied on a #14 Parachute Adams and started working this nice little plunge pool. About the 3rd cast I finally caught my 1st Smoky Mountains trout. It was just a little 4" goob rainbow, but it was a fish brought to hand and it counts.

I worked the rest of that pool and a couple of others without any other takes then decided I'd better get back on the trail to Sam's Creek. Long story short, I found Sam's (I think I'm going to have to work on my rock climbing & tight stream skills before trying that one), fished a few more holes without catching anything but bushes, then started back to the van. Driving back out, I was passing a pool that I had fished a couple of times and gotten some strikes that I had missed and decided to give it another try before it got too dark to see. I finally caught the fish that had been toying with me before and it turned out to be a little 3" Warpaint Shiner. But I brought it to hand, and it counts too.

So, my total Smoky Mountains fish count now stands at 2 fish and about 7" total. Not much, but it gives me something to build on.